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Making Mistakes Fast

tl;dr – “Wow, you make mistakes too… But you make them REALLY fast.”

Not really sure what category to put this in so I’ll just file it under “hacking”.

Back at Temple University I had been running MUDs (multi-user dungeon games) on
my machine, bigboy.cis.temple.edu. It was a great way to learn Unix IPC and
work on complex C systems, but I had a summer free to hack and I decided I wanted
to build an object-oriented adventure game development system. (The game would
be an environment supporting objects like places, monsters, players, etc, but it
was written in C.)

Zagg iPad Mini Keyboard Quick Review

Just a quick review…

I’ve been using the Logitech Ultra-Thin Keyboard for the iPad mini for a few months now, and have found that the combo makes for a great portable almost-productive combo. ssh, chrome, RDP, and native apps all work but I wouldn’t really want to use it for more than a few hours of light work or 30 minutes of quick fix while on the go.

Yesterday, while dropping my Retinabook off to have the touchpad clicker fixed, I saw that the Zagg stand had their new cover.

Does Squeezing Network Costs Cut Revenue?

Here are some thoughts about another topic/question I find myself discussing with network geeks and business execs alike -

Is network budgeting about saving money or increasing revenue?

Or -

Does squeezing network costs run the risk of impacting users, revenue, or whatever your important metric is?

Teaching Others for Fun and (Likely) Profit

Teach someone something and they will forever think you are smarter and more accomplished than they are. Maybe not 100% true, but I’ll stand behind it as a general statement.

I’ve experienced this first-hand from both sides.

New Diablo Header System

(sent to diablo mailing list)

Like many, I was frustrated with the overview system functionality in diablo as retention volume started to grow a few years back.

The real issue started back in the 32 bit days when the Linux mmap() need to allocate contiguous ram per process was biting us with boneless and other groups.

Our first fix was to just go from mmap() to file semantics – open(), close(), pread64(), etc. We actually saw that either go faster or at least not slower than the mmap()-based access, and have been running that for 4 years.