More details coming soon but this phone is great…

Reasonable battery life (vs Evo). Will still probably want a fattery but it is pretty slim, great keyboard feel, great screen, fast enough, 4g w/ hostpsot is great.

I still have to use a blackberry as my main device; too much mail to delete without a del key, though I’ll poke around Android mail apps again at some point.

Mainly I use it for connectbot, greader pro, web browsing, kindle, occasional nav, and occasional hotspot. Meaning some days not at all.

The big problem I had was generating a control key with connectbot. Eventually I’ll download the android SDK and play w/ connectbot code but for now I mapped ccc in screen to ^C which gets me what I really need (to be able to use vi or kill a bad shell cmd entry, or bw monitoring script, etc).

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